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Results of the 2011th marathon and a few other things

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Dear friends, here are the results of the Marathon. Thank you for coming in such large numbers, do not mind the drawbacks which occured, I am already thinking about solving them for next year for the fifth anniversary marathon, which will most likely be on the 11th of August 2012. All the residents of Ist welcome and eagerly await you!

In the men's competition there was a fierce battle until the final stroke which resulted in a new track record that now stands at 0:52:57 it was achieved by the winner Josip Soldo from DPK-a Faros, which knocked down the old record of Marin Milan in the year of 2009. for exactly a minute and a half! The following 3 swimmers, Luke Radulić from KDP-a Primorje came in second, Tomislav Soldo from DPK-a Faros came in third and Roko Copac from KDP-a Split came in fourth place, they came 6 seconds later, literally the same second, which was determined in the order mentioned after the race, by the deliberation of judges. In the women's competition it was not so uncertain, overwhelmingly won by Anja Trisic from KDP-a Porec is also a new track record that now stands at 0:53:52, the old track record holder Dina Levačić from KDP -a Split was second, while third place went to Antea Trogrlić from PK-a Grdelin. Among citizens of Zadar, as expected, the best were Drazen Adzic and Lucia Aralica from KDP-a Donat . The oldest contestant who swam the race within the limit of 2 hours was Berislav Gaus from KDP-a Novi Zagreb (64 years old) while the youngest was Nika Kotlar from PK-a Zadar, which is 9 years old.

Results of the 2011th marathon.

The marathon was helped by many sponsors, some more, some less, as much as they could. However, I must point out the great help from the volunteers without whom it would be impossible to organize all this.

For registrations and processing the results were Zeljana Levačić and Tomislav Brok, other helpers included Barbara Keršelić (Kozulić) and Juliet Smoljan which also shared a drink. Stew of eel was shared by Duško Kozulić and Branko Segarić who during the preperation of the marathon was my right and left hand! The stew was cooked by Boris-Blaz and Miljko Pljakić, the eel was caught by Boris Brok. The girls who kept track of the records were Korina Kučić, Lucy Segarić and Damjana Levačić who also marked the start.

The timekeeper was Pave Ligutić, the judge in order was Ivica Antic, the judge in turns Matea Pezelj and the main judge was Domagoj Krpina. Delegate HSDP-a was Milivoj Mirosavac.

Barkarioli, people who guarded the path except the maritime police were Luka Kozulić, Ranko Mikuličić, Dinko Segarić Ćićo, Miro Kozulić, Roman and Danko in a kayak, Mr. Pezelj, Marin Bozić, Hrabar, Peter Matunich Pire, Ive Levačić (SRD-a President Raróg), Luchano Keršelić, Boris Levačić Pero Komać (technical consultant!), Živko Josifovski Žika, Milorad Stipanović Stipe (also the official doctor of the marathon), Jadranko Smoljan Liverić and Jure Capić.

Here are two photo galleries of the pictures taken from the marathon friends KDP-a Poseidon, Gallery 1 and Gallery 2nd.

There will be Željana photos, for now you can see them on my Facebook profile.

And finally you need to know something else, starting numbers 1 and 2 for next year are already occupied! Starting number 100 I am saving for a gentleman who has for a long time now been preparing for this marathon!

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